Causes of the Revolution Timeline

By Denali Smith

Lexington And Conord

A shot was fired from the British(The Shot Heard All Around The World.)

Then their was the famous saying from Paul Revere "The British Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!"

The Intolerable Acts of 1774

The British built a wall so the colonist would be forced to by their tea. Which just made the colonist even angrier than they already were at the British.

The Boston Tea Party

The British made tea cheaper than the colonial tea. The colonist sneaked on the boats that carried the tea, dressed up as Native Americans they bumped all the tea overboard.

The Tea Act 1773

British sold tea directly to the colonist. The colonist who sold tea feared that they would go out of business because, the colonist had to by from the British.

The Boston Massacre 1770

Some British soldiers fired at the colonist. The fight started all because someone threw a club at one of the British soldiers.

The Townshend Acts of 1767

The British taxed a lot of goods like paper, lead, glass, and most importantly tea. The colonist Boycotted.(Refused to buy their goods)

Stamp Act of 1765

The stamp Act taxed all colonial paper products and newspapers. The colonist think that the Stamp Act is violating their rights.

Proclamation of 1763

The land was getting crowded so the colonists wanted to go to the new land. The King would not let them go to the new land they just fought for and won, because the King was afraid of the Native Americans.