By: Chase Cotter


I play select softball on the Texas Bombers. Coach Tim is the best coach I've ever had.

Best Friends


She is on my softball team. Her number is 22. She lives in Lockhart. Her mom's name is Jamie. Her step-dad's name is Tim. He is my softball coach. She is a pitcher. She was born on January 18, 2003. She has pitching lesson with Frank Lopez on Mondays.
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Leah Herrera


She used to be on my softball team. Her number was 6. She lives in Austin. Her mom's name is Jamie. Her dad's name is Blake. She was the best right fielder. She was born on January 6, 2003. Her sister is named Lauren.
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Grace Yongblood


My name is Chase. I am 11 hers old. I live in Austin. I'm getting braces January 12 2014. My mom's name is Kelly. My dad's name is Brian. My brothers name is Colby, he was born on April 21, 2005. I play everywhere except for pitcher. I am number 88 on my softball team. I catch for Leah on Mondays. I have batting lessons with Coach Jay on Mondays also.
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Chase Cotter

Now you see my best friends visit:

Roster- Texas Bombers 12U CTX


00Courtney WoytekUT/UT

5Emily PerryUT/UT

9Presley WilliamsonUT/UT

13Lainey GregoryUT/UT

16Mia GarciaUT/UT

22Leah HerreraP/UT

88Chase Cotter3B/UT

99Graci ShimekUT/UT

Head Coach: Tim Rowan

Asst Coach: BJ Ruiz

Asst Coach: Brian Cotter