Mrs. Solis' 3rd Grade Class

October 12 - 16, 2015

What we are learning next week:

Math- We will begin our investigation of perimeter! Students will learn to measure for perimeter using rulers and grid paper. They’ll also find the missing perimeter using information they have on hand. Ask your child how they would find the perimeter of a shape. *We’ll also review telling time and finding how many hours and minutes are in problems presented. In problem solving, we can't have "rumors." We always have to get to the truth! We use RUMORS to guide our problem solving in math.

R read problem twice

U underline question, circle important information

M mark out extra information

O use operation or strategy

R re-read problem

S tell how your strategy makes sense

Reading- We will be learning how to read and analyze narrative poetry. Students will be learning how to identify point of view, characters and plot within a poem.

Science/Social Studies- In science, we will be introducing changing matter and combining materials. The students will explore with changes from heat and learn about chemical and physical changes to matter. Ask you child what is a chemical/physical change?

Writing- We will begin our unit on poetry. We will learn how to analyze poems, talk about rhyming words, stanzas, and how to interpret the mood of a poem.

Field Trips - permission

Don't forget to go fill out the Google Form to let me know if your child can attend our 2 upcoming field trips!


The next homework has been posted to Google Classroom and is due Friday, October 9th at 7:45am. Read 20 minutes per day, Do 4 quizzes per day. The expectation for homework is 5 days of your choosing. Please do not do all 5 days of quizzes in one day. This homework sets your child up for nightly homework in 4th grade that is due back the following day. Research shows that 3rd graders should be doing no more than 30 minutes of homework per night. If your child does a math superstars worksheet, they can skip one day of homework.

Spotlight Stallions

Spotlight Stallions will be recognized in the classrooms.

Stallion Heroes will be recognized at our 3-5 assemblies:

Character Trait Stallion Heroes exemplify the character trait of the month ex: safety, responsibility, respectful.

Stallion Super Hero will be the name of the all around great student that exemplifies all character traits and school expectations all of the time.

This week our classroom spotlight stallion is: Ashlyn. She is a hard worker, follows Sommer expectations and is respectful of classmates and adults. Congratulations Ashlyn!

Library Time

Our library time is Tuesday from 2:00 - 2:30pm.


Library: Every Tuesday

We have P.E. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make sure your child has tennis shoes.

Please initial your child’s planner every night.


Do not rely on an email or phone call to the classroom for transportation changes. Teachers are busy working with students during the day and often times don’t get an opportunity to check email until the end of the day. Please call the office during the school day so that they can get a message to the classroom.

Wish List

Thank you Zeke and Isabella for bringing in pencil top erasers this week. Thank you to Katie for bringing prizes for our treasure box. If you would like to help our classroom with the gift of a donation, we could use these items:

Prizes for the treasure box

Books for classroom library (send in books your child has read & is finished with)

Upcoming dates:

Oct. 12thStudent Holiday

Oct. 13 - 16 - Book Fair in the Library

Oct. 16th - Assembly 3rd - 5th grades, PTA movie night

Nov. 5th - Field trip to Community First Gardens

Dec. 10th - Field trip to The Nutcracker