Week at a Glance

Becky's 2-Year Kindergarten Class...January 29, 2016


Remember the RAS...our brain's filter? We are working to strengthen our filters by working with our senses. This week we used our sense of hearing to listen to and try to identify a secret sound with our eyes closed. Was it keys? Coins? A stick being tapped, or was that a pencil? We talked about various strategies that helped us to focus on just that one particular sound, tuning out others noises in the hallway. These same strategies will help us focus on learning opportunites throughout the day!


Our feeling for the week is guilty. A little bit of guilt is not necessarily a bad thing...it brings our attention to something that we wish we'd done differently, presenting us with an opportunity for growth. What would I do differently next time? Processing through this feelig is important, though, as we don't want to be overcome with guilt! Bring this feeling up to your child and see what he or she has to say!


Number combinations...number combinations...and more number combinations! We are really working hard to familiarize (or even master!) these before moving into our next unit , addition.

Bears in a Cave was a lot of fun to play with Michi on Monday! Start with a set number of bears and hide some in a cave (or under a bowl!). Your partner will use his or her knowledge of combinations of this number to determine how many are hiding in the cave!
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Everyone took on the challenge of Number Finds with finesse. See if you can find and circle all of the given combinations for a number. Double check to make sure you've found them all!
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We had fun learning to play Six (or 7 or 8 or 9) in All. Set out eight cards and choose 2 that are a combination of 6 (or 7 or 8 or 9)! Keep playing with your partner until you are out of cards!
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Writing Workshop: We continued working on our ongoing stories and used some of our writing time to continue learning and writing about our heroes for theme!

Word Work: Word lists are now individualized, and new words will be added as current words become familiar! Ask your child what his or her current words are.

Handwriting: Y and Z

Phonics Centers:

Red group: continued beginning sounds work

Yellow group: th digraph

Blue group: ending blends (,mp, nd, nt)

Green group: continued magic e work


There are so many amazing heroes in this world...big heroes, small heroes...men, women...adults, children...heroes of all colors and abilities...animal heroes...local heroes, world heroes...This week we learned about 3 amazing heroes: one that helped other people, one that helped animals, and one that helped the environment!
We will continue learning more about these three heroes next week, working in small groups to learn more and create posters to teach others about our groups' hero.


We are community heroes! This week we worked to help animals and other people! On Monday, we worked with friends from Jeriann's and Wendy's classes to make catnip mice for cats at the animal shelter! A little felt, a little sewing, a little stuffing and a little catnip went together to make cute little mice, that I'm sure will make some cats very happy!
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We spent Thursday afternoon volunteering at the Turston County Food Bank packing bags for the For Kids program. This program provides weekend bags of food for 1,900 (yes, that is correct!) kids throughout Thurston County that rely on school lunches as their primary source of nutrition during the week. It feels good to help with such important work!

For Heaven's Sake Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

Perhaps the greatest highlight of our week was the visit from the folks (and animals!!!) from for Heaven's Sake. For Heaven's Sake is a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of orphan or injured animals by providing quality care and treatment in a nurturing environment while preparing them for release into their natural habitat! I tried to link to their site, but it seems to be down right now! If you're a facebooker, check out this amazing organization on FB! They have a great page!

I was in awe of Claudia and Dave and the wonderful work that they do to help care for injured and orphaned animals...it is truly inspiring and heartwarming! Earth heroes for sure! Claudia did mention that they are looking for adult voluteers, so if you are interested, I have fliers!

Over the next two weeks we will be doing a drive to collect items to donate to For Heaven's Sake. Look for more information soon, but some initial items you may want to pick up include paper towels, tissues, laundry soap (high efficiency, please), and bleach. Thank you!

Claudia and Dave brought 7 (!!!) different types of owls to share with us! Each of the owls had been rehabilitated by Claudia and Dave, but for one reason or another (missing wing, blind in one eye) could not go back to living in the wild. Seeing and hearing the owls in such an up close and personal way was an experience I don't think any of us will forget anytime soon! We also got to meet an opossum that lives at the center! See if your child remembers how the opossum came to live with them!

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Here is yet another opportunity for your child to be a community hero! Please let me know if you have any questions about the Read to Feed program!

This program is designed by Heifer International and inspires children to get involved in working to end world hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. The goal is to raise money to "buy" gifts of livestock, irrigation pumps, biogas stoves or to send a girl to school. These gifts help families lift themselves to self-reliance by providing resources and a source of income.

We will raise money by collecting pledge money for books that we read! Kids that are independently reading will practice reading and kids that are not quite reading words yet can read pictures, or have someone read a story to them and practice retelling (summarizing) the story, including what happened in the beginning, middle and end!

You should have received an email regarding the program and also paper copies of the resources through "kid mail"!

Happy reading and thank you for helping to make this project a success!

Important Dates

February 3: Italia fundraiser (dinner) 5:00 to 9:00 Hope to see you there!

February 5: Begin collecing Read to Feed pledge money

February 10: Turn in pledge money to teachers

February 12: 1/2 day; Valentine's Day Celebration; Red Food Party sign-up

February15-19: Mid-winter break~no school

Ferbruary 26: FIeld trip to the Musuem of History and Industry in Seattle (9 to 3)

Upcoming Workshops

February 5: Marlo, Elsie

February 12: Tessa Jane, Lucy