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Mrs P's Majestics Stella & Dot Team 12th December 2014

This Week's Top Tip

Be prepared to be the Stella & Dot Fairy Godmother!

This is the time of year when ad-hoc sales are easier than normal as people are in the spending mindset. In terms of your business, expect the unexpected and PLAN for it!

The old boy-scout motto BE PREPARED springs to mind, whatever your festive plans are, be prepared to be someones S&D Fairy Godmother. Carry a tote of jewels, look books & order forms wherever you go, be prepared to come to the rescue! It may be offering gifting solutions (especially to clueless husbands!), impromptu trunk shows using a jewellery tote and a look book or the Dottie App, offering the Stylist opportunity & giving other women the gift of flexible entrepreneurship... Or just making someone feel amazing in a piece of Stella & Dot!

Spring Rally - January Event, a MUST-ATTEND for all Stylists

All Stylists should attend a Spring Rally in January. See website for National events.

My event is Saturday 10th January in Surrey.

  • Plan your 2015 business goals
  • Core Training including booking, selling & sponsoring
  • Merchandising & Styling the new line
  • View the new Spring Collection
  • Invite potential Stylists to the Opportunity event prior to training
  • Re-connect with our community
  • Motivation & inspiration from your leadership team
  • Fun & giveaways!

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How To Join The Joyful January Club!

January is a real pillar month for us. By having a joyful January, you will be meeting people who will book into February and carry your business through to March.

If you don't have January bookings, it's harder to book February and before you know it, you've lost a whole season, not to mention mojo and momentum!

Why Book January Trunk Shows?

Let's face it, January is cold, dark and after the excitement of Christmas, quite dull! It's a great time for friends to reconnect and have a girls night in. We will have SALE items, plus our gorgeous new Spring/Summer collection. A lot of people have Christmas money to spend. You can also do a Sample Sale or Open House.

I often hear 'no one has any money' as an excuse not to book, I counter that with, over half of our collection is under £40, we have a sale on, pieces start at £15 and do you know what, I will be itching to show off the new pieces and would love to get some feedback on them and have a chance to practice styling with them. S&D usually offer extra rewards for January hostesses, so look out for announcements from them.

Keep in mind that January is prone to cancellations and postponements, so play it safe and book more Trunk Shows than you want to hold!

Joyful January Requirements:

  • Attend a Spring Rally
  • Invite at least 1 guest to an Opportunity Event
  • Sell 500PQV (about £420)
  • Hold 3 Trunk Shows

Joyful January Club membership rewards will be announced soon!

***Rockstar Stylist Wall of Fame***

Monthly Prizes will be awarded to a Wall of Fame Winner, wait for our Monthly Roundup to find out if it's YOU!

What we've been up to...

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Winter Challenge Earners So Far

Daleen McDowell

Tori May

Vicki Neaves

Fran Robinson

Alex Hudson

Sarah Batchelor

Annie Ford

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Head Office Training This Week

Leader Call, Monday 15th December, 2.30pm

Access code: 792862

Stars and Above only

Welcome to Leadership, Tuesday 16th December, 10.00am

On invite only

Become a Stylist Webinar, Wednesday 17th December, 1.00pm

UK freephone : 0800 358 6385

UK from mobile: 0845 351 2782

Ireland freephone: 1800 937 649

Ireland mobile: 1890 907 630

Participant Access Code: 374 312 0107 #

To view the webinar click here

Tips from the Top with Star Director, Denny Baxter-Hill-Setting yourself up to succeed in January!Thursday 18th December, 11.00am

From UK landline: 0800 229 0141

FromUK mobile: 033 0336 1183

From Ireland landline: 1 800 932 466

From Ireland mobile: 014 367 697

Access code: 498979

It's beginning to look a lot like I LOVE Michael Buble!

Michael Bublé It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas