Technology in Education

By: Paige Fallon

Has technology affected the way students learn?

While it’s completely believed technology has improved our lives, research has proven that students today are not preforming to the levels of students in the past.

Advanced technology is being used as a way to keep students focused and entertained

Teachers who are integrating and embracing apps as learning tools, such as ‘eSpark Learning’ and ‘Pandora For Education’ have helped students raise their skills by about 1.4 grade levels. (Gupta, Prerna)

Earning a degree

More and more adults are becoming unemployed because they are not attaining a college degree. Fortunately there are innovative, stress-free ways such as: taking online classes to receive a degree without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Major Disadvantage

With the convenience of the Internet and its high tech search engines, about 40% of college students today use it to plagiarize, leaving only 10% of students admitting to it in 1999. Plagiarizing is as easy as clicking 'copy & paste'. What most students don't realize is that there are harsh consequences.

"Computers are useless; they can only give you answers.” - Pablo Picasso

Power of Technology vs. Power of Education

With the power of technology, almost anything can be achieved. However, the power of education comes from asking questions and no technology is needed for that.
Primary and secondary education has come to a shocking falling point. Students are lacking knowledge in all subjects, shifting the burden of education to college but with the help and correct use of technology, all students have the ability to stay focused and educated at the same time.