Solar energy

Solar energy facts

-solar energy comes form the sun -solar energy is one of all the energy form the Earth -solar energy is a radiant light and heat from the sun -solar energy can be used for many things -solar is a latin word for sun -it can increase energy security -solar energy is an ever evolving technology -it's also an important source of renewable energy -solar energy comes from the sun and got from the solar pannels -solar energy might be renewable,but it cost a lot of money because of the solar pannels -solar energy even has a great disadvantage but a good advantage -we can use solar energy to make electricity -there are few big solar plants in the United States -solar energy's disadvantage is that you can't use it at night because solar pannels can only absorb the sun's heat and light -solar energy's good advantage is that in summer,it's bright and hot so solar pannels can absorb as much as it wants

solar pannels absorbing solar energys