The Giver

By Lois Lowry Created by Prince O.

The Giver

The Giver is a 225 paged novel that is about Jonas living like any other person in a Utopian society on a community. He is chosen to be receiver and undergoes obstacles and challenges that shape who he becomes and what kinds of experiences he observes just from a press on the back. After he finds out some truths about the world and community, he can see colors, unlike everyone else in the community. His differences with his peers in general makes him distant himself from his friends because they are blind to a big picture.

Main Character- Jonas

Jonas is the main character in the novel, The Giver. He is chosen to be the new receiver to bare the memories in which the community can't handle. His personality varies towards certain people based on a who's the boss of who relationship. He treats his friends with a fair share of respect, but when it comes to The Giver, he seems very obedient to his orders and treats him like a king. He worries for The Giver because of his personal problems and gives him a lot of respect for being how he is now. Ever since Jonas received a lot of memories and can see color, unlike his friends, he began to worry for his friends and starts seeing them as blind. He has a "no use" attitude toward them overall later on in the 2nd half of the book.

Other Important Characters

Favorite Quote- "I am going to transmit the memory of snow," The Old Man


"Who was The Giver's daughter?"

"Why does Jonas dare to leave from the community?"

"At what precise point in the story does Jonas begin to see color?"

"What is The Giver's attitude towards Jonas during training?"

"What are the known rules in which everyone in the community must follow?"

Overall Rating

I did like the fact that the plot was pretty well thought out, and I admire the use of deep, complex emotions, that evens out with the boredom of the community's sameness. It's ironic that everyone in the community acts the same, but we get different emotions from different characters. But what I loathe is that at some points in the novel, I didn't understand what was exactly happening. Sometimes I had to see if it's because of me but I guess it's just the novel. Some parts of the story just seemed out of place and I had to ask people what was going on sometimes. And even then I had to watch the movie itself to understand some things. But overall I give this Novel a 7/10.