Oh the places I'll go...

Canada, New Hampshire, or California?


Currently I live in New Hampshire, however I do not believe that when I move out it will be anywhere near here. I know that I want to live somewhere warm because I can't stand the cold, so I have been drawn to the southern region of California. I have no idea what I want my profession to be, so that does not factor into the equation, however many other things do contribute to this thought. I am also researching Vancouver, Canada, because you never know, I might decide that I want to go somewhere really cold instead, and I know that I really did enjoy my time in Vancouver, so if I ever were to move to Canada it would be that city in particular.


Since I do plan on having a family when I grow up I have to look into the crime rates in places where I might consider living to make sure that it is a safe environment for my children. This is what I found :

~New Hampshire is ranked 47th in the country for highest crime rates, and we have about 139 crimes per 100,000 in population. That is very good, I have to admit, but I would still like for it to be warmer.

~California is ranked 14th in the country and has about 533 crimes per 100,000 people. That is a lot higher, but it also has a lot more cities than New Hampshire, and more crimes tend to occur in cities than in small towns. I would most likely not be in a city, so the crime rate would definitely be lower there. Also, most crimes in California are not violent, and base more on property damage and theft.

~Vancouver is actually only safer then 13% of the cities in The United States of America. they have a crime rate of 4,255 per 100,000 residents. This is significantly higher than both NH and California's crime rate, and since it is also the coldest out of the 3, it is currently in last place.


Another huge part in deciding where you are going to live, is having the money to pull it off.

~New Hampshire has 5% interest and dividend income, however no sales taxes. This is pretty good, I have to say.

~California has a 10.55% tax on income over $1 million and a 7.5% tax on sales. I will not be living in California if I have an income of over $1 million that's for sure.

~ Vancouver has a 7% sales tax and a 5% goods and service tax, this seems like a lot since it is basically California and New Hampshire combined.


As I have previously stated I do intend on having children, so the school systems where I settle down will also be a very important in the ultimate decision.

~ New Hampshire is #9 in the USA for public education, which is actually really good, all things considered.

~California is #30, which is not as high up as I would like if I am going to be sending my children to school there.

~There is not much on the internet that tells you about the education in Vancouver, however it does seem to be good, and a lot of Canadians go to college there.


Although I am not a very religious person it is good to know who or what other people around me will be worshiping so that I do not offend ever person on the street by doing something that has always been natural to me.

~In NH 23.15% of people are religious in some way. 24% of them are Catholic, and that is the only religion that includes more than 3% of the population.

~ In California 45% of people are religious and 27.89% are Catholics, over 5% are also other Christians, but once again no other religion makes it over 3%

~ In Canada (there was nothing for just Vancouver) 38.7% of people are Roman Catholics. The majority of The United States and Canada are Catholic.


This is a huge part of why I want to get out of New Hampshire. I hate the snow. I do not want to move to a place that has such a long and harsh winter. California obviously wins in the climate department.

~ New Hampshire has 4 seasons, that means that it is only in the 70-80 degree weather about 4 months out of the year. Most of the time it is windy, or below freezing (or possibly both), and some sort of precipitation is coming down.

~ Southern California ranges from low 50 to mid 80. That is perfect weather year round, and that means no snow.

~ Vancouver is cold year round. Even when I went there in August it was only in the 50's, which is way to cold for my liking. And it either rains or snows there for over 75% of the year.

Jobs and Unemployment rate

Although I do not know what I want field I want to go into, I still thinks its important that unemployment overall is low.

~NH has a 5.8% unemployment rate, but a majority of workers commute to Mass from southern NH.

~California has 8.7% unemployment rate, which is actually higher than I expected it to be. Who knows maybe I will go into a field that people in California need more of.

~ While it was once again very difficult to find statistics on Vancouver specifically, I used Canada as a whole for my example. 7% unemployment rate for Canadians, and a lot of them commute in to the USA for jobs.

Property values and Income

This one is important, because I have to be able to afford to live in my dream place or it is never going to happen.

~in Rockingham county our income per capita is $37,422 and the hove value is $207,300, which is higher than I thought it was.

~California home value is $234,900 in Sacramento, and the rent price is $1,100, this could be difficult to manage depending on my income, which would probably be around $29,634 (per capita income of California)

~ $199,300 is the general worth of a home in Vancouver Canada.

Racial Makeup

I want to live in a culturally diverse place when I am older, because learning about other cultures fascinates me to no end.

~In NH 91.9% of people are white alone, which is by far the majority, and does not make me feel like I live in a very diverse state.

~In California 39.4% of people are white alone, 38.2% are Hispanic or Latino, and 13.9% are Asian. That is still not a huge amount of diversity, but it is way more than NH.

~ in Vancouver 17.4% of immigrants are from China and 12.2 % are from India. 40% of people in Vancouver are immigrants. This is actually very surprising to me. I did not think that Vancouver would be a very diverse place, but it is.


Sports are common throughout all of the USA and Canada, and in most states you are going to be able to play any sport that you want to. I will always be loyal to my New England teams no matter where I move, but I am a dancer so sports are not very important in my life.

~NH is known for being a part of New England when it comes to sports.A lot of sports teams including the Red Sox, the Patriots, and the Bruins are very well known. We take sports very seriously in New England. Skiing is also a huge part of NH culture, and a majority of the people who live here know how to ski really well.

~ California is known for surfing (which I love to do, even though I am not very good at it) and lacrosse, and I am sure that they have a great football team, I just don't know it because I only follow New England sports teams.

~Vancouver as a part of Canada plays hockey and is very into it.


I believe that the culture of a place is very important when deciding if it is right for you.

~NH was one of the 13 original colonies, so obviously it is one of the oldest and therefore most historic states that you can live in.

~California also has a rich culture, but there is more Spanish influence than British. I like the look of Spanish architecture better personally, but I still love the NH culture.

~Canada in general is very much like New England in that it is very much so influenced by the British cultures. A lot of Vancouver is similar to what you would see in England or Scotland if you were to compare them.

Decisions, Decisions

As of right now, my number one option is still moving to California. I don't really have a lot about my life after high school planned out, because I have always been a go with the flow kind of person, and I don't feel the need to know exactly how my life will be. I know I want to join the peace corpse right out of high school, so I figure that will give me at least two years to decide more on my future, and will also probably affect it in many ways. I want California because it is warm and welcoming without being overwhelming or underwhelming. I love a lot of things about NH, but I know that I could not live through the winter if I had a choice, because it takes a huge toll on my emotions and ambitions. I do much better when it is warm out, so a warm climate is definitely something that I see myself needing in the future. Also, schooling is the only area in California that I really don't like, and even then the private school will be just as good there as they are here, so I will just have to pay a little more for my children to get the education they deserve. I truly believe that my future lies on the west coast, however I do love NH, and will not cut all ties from it because the rest of my family will still be living here anyway.