Apple itunes v.s Google Play

By: Greg Simpson

Apple iTunes

Key facts

*Apple iTunes main focus is towards giving people who have Apple an easy way of getting music,apps.ect.

* Although it really focuses on people who buy Apple products you can work with iTunes on some other devices.

*From the aspect of iTunes central function it focuses on Music and apps for apple products.

Google Play

Key facts

*Google play is similiar to Apple iTunes but is not as well known.

*Google Play also focuses on Music and apps, but the apps are android apps.

Number of Apps Google Play vs. Apple iTunes

Which is Easier

I personally think that Google Play is easier to access and login with you don't have to download anything if you don't want to. With iTunes i feel like you have to do more.

So Who Has More Apps?

Latest news from Google Play says that they have tied Apple iTunes with the number of apps that is now avaiable. They tied Apple iTunes with 700,000 apps for downloading purposes.

Who has less bugs

Apple iTunes is more likely to have less bugs than Google Play. iTunes opperating system is more proficient then Google Play.