Poisonous Gases during World War I

Tara McDearmon

What are poisonous gases?

Poisonous gases are gases that are poisonous. They send off poisonous vapors which can kill or severely injure an individual. First poisonous gas that was used was called the Tear Gas(1914). Tear Gases effects were irritation throughout the eyes, mouth, throat and lungs. Chlorine made men vigurously throw up(1915). Phosgene and diphosgene was a colorless gas that caused suffocation to the lungs and leaded to death(1915). Mustard gas is the most popular gas used during the World War I. Mustard Gas causes blisters and irratates and damages the eyes, skin, and respitory tract(1917).

How were the poisonous gases significant to World War I?

Poisonous gases were significant because the different countries were trying to out eachother with them. The french were going to be the first ones to out the Germans, but the germans were one step ahead and used them first. Evidently they were formed to hurt the germans but it played out that the germans were harming everyone else. Although, the british did use gases among the germans but more british men ended up hurt than the german men.