Become a Roman Hero

We're one of the biggest empires. Why go anywhere else?

The Best Army Around!

Our Army has conquered nearly all of southern Italy and still expanding! Come join us to see the greatest empire expand, as well being a part of this great era.

Our Weaponry

Come Join the Army!

Come have a blast! You can fight in battle and gain land for all of your empire! Not fun enough? Have fun getting paid yearly to support you and your family. How does that sound?

Ten More Reasons To Join the Roman Army

If you're not satisfied with money and the title of being a Roman Soldier? Here are some more reasons to join.

  1. Be promoted to a higher ranking later in life
  2. You're able to wear the best armour available throughout the land
  3. You can finally get into shape with military training
  4. Catch the flu? No worries, persistent medical help is there for you
  5. Go explore new lands
  6. Meet new people, enemy or ally
  7. Have great tasting food at your command
  8. Create friendships with your fellow soldiers
  9. After your death, have your son honor you by making a tombstone
  10. When you come home from a victory, a parade is waiting for you!

Where to Find Us

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