Weekly Launch

October 30-November 3


Thank you for making our Kona Ice Day a success. I had a great time passing out sno cones. The smiles and thank yous made my day. My favorite quote was "This is the best Friday ever!" I know it was a very busy day but the kids definitely enjoyed themselves.

Please make sure you are sticking to your schedules. We are beginning our walk throughs and will be checking your schedule before we come in to see what subject we will be seeing. We are excited to be coming in your room to see all the great things happening.

Also, please make sure that you are following the recess schedule. We have noticed some grade levels have been coming in later and are overlapping with the next grade level.

Thank you to Meghan Bionat, Lacey Turrentine, Shannon Benson and Stephanie Hirsch for sharing their character ideas on its learning. These ladies have shared some great ideas that can easily be implemented into the classroom. Please remember that it is a district expectation that morning meetings are happening daily. An easy way to get this in is to do it at 8:15(except 5th) every day. It is a great way to start your day and build community. I hope to see an idea from everyone soon!

Important Dates

October 30-When Readers Struggle Training

October 31-Book Character Parade-8:30

November 1-

Dreambox data chat


November 2-Wear your character shirt

Rachel Powell walk classes afternoon

Dreambox data chat

November 3-Character Connection

Alpha 5th

Kick for Kids at Clear Brook football game

Character Connection

Word of the Week-Respect the environment

Word of the Month-Responsibility

Morning Announcements-Solomon

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To Mrs. Neyland-She helped me create a google doc and helped with a presentation.-Pamela Baggett

To Mrs. Wilson-She is so awesome and seamlessly supports me and my SPED students! Thank you for everything!-Mallory Davis

Word of the Week-Response

Campus Goal-NPE students and teachers will be self-directed learners and problem solvers when being challenged