Red Jacket High School Library

The libray is wherever you are.

Putting the book in Chromebook

Every student has a Chromebook, so every student has a library in their hands.


Did you know that every Red Jacket student has over 1000 books available to them in our OverDrive collection? That doesn't even count the 179 audiobooks they can listen to.

All they have to do is go to the database portal, choose overdrive and enter their lunch code. Students who wish to read on another device can download a free OverDrive app and use it to locate WFL BOCES and our school. The log in is still their lunch code. (Teacher log in is firstname.lastname.)

Overdrive is an online library. The books available there have one user licenses, which means one student at a time can check a book out, just like a library book. Also, just like in the actual library, there may be multiple copies of some popular titles. If a book is checked out and no copies are available it will appear grayed-out, but just like in the actual library, the title can be put on hold. Students will receive an email when the book is available.

Students can check out up to 3 books at a time and they will never have an overdue. Once a book is within 3 days of its due date a box will appear asking if a renewal is needed, and once a book reaches its due date it will simply disappear from the student's "book shelf." For students who have problems with overdue books this is the perfect solution.


What did the 5th grade teacher who wanted to teach Tom Sawyer and had a classroom set of IPads, but not enough copies of Tom Sawyer do?

He went (through the database portal) to Tumblebookcloud where The Adventures of TS is available not only as a book, but also as an audiobook and an enhanced ebook (audio plays as it highlights text). The license for books on Tumblebook is multiple user, so an entire class can read or listen, or both, to the same title at the same time.

Tumblebookcloud contains over 700 titles, many of which are classroom reads such as Animal Farm and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, as well as Shakespeare plays.

Students reading on their own can choose from many subcategories; classics, high interest/low level fiction from Orca Publishers, Graphic Novels, poetry and drama, audiobooks , and my favorite, enhanced ebooks. These are not checked out; students can take as long as they like with these materials.

That's a lot of books right at students' finger tips. There's no excuse for not reading!

Please tell your students about these resources. As always, I'd be happy to stop in classrooms at any time to take 10 minutes to show these to kids.