1800's Women

Interesting and Stunning Facts

Jobs That Women Undertook

Women back in the 1800's accomplished many jobs. Such jobs available to women were domestic work and factory work, teaching, and other breakthroughs in which women got to attempt. Women, like in the 1700's, kept the house in order, tending to cleaning, helping children, laundry, dishes, dealing with prepping food, snacks, along with being a housewife, and many more chores/duties. Women that worked outside of the house, if they could get a job, would not get much pay, and the salary that they did make would go straight to their husbands. Married women stayed at home and got their class and status from their husbands, while single women that were never married got looked down upon because marriage at a young age was what was expected in the 1800's. Although, men were more important in the eyes of the world, and women were viewed as just housewives, that were not very intelligent or worth giving rights to.

1800's Female Fashion

Women's Choice of Clothing

Women in the 1800's used precise and elegant dresses. Though, compared to the 1700's, the dresses didn't pouf out as much at the bottom, along with the average length being long, stretching down to their feet, covering them. Also, women wore dazzling jewelry, which being bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, headpieces, and more to make themselves look more pretty and proper. Their clothing was respectful and mature, and were very appropriate/fancy.

By: Chloe T.