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What's Happening!


February 2- Kelly Schneider 3- Liz Creer 8- Andrea Wagner 10- Becky Holtgrieve 11- Tifani Herbert 15- Courtney Hodges 21- Jennifer Centini

This Week...

Tuesday- Marzano training, Teaching for Complex Thinking- Reeh / Morris / Adams attending. Leadership Team meeting canceled.

Wednesday- Administrator's Meeting at Central Office, Susan out.

Thursday- PTO 6:30p.m.

Next Week...

Tuesday- Faculty Meeting canceled.

Wednesday- Data Meetings. Agenda and schedule will be sent.

Friday- ERD. 9:00 Morning assembly. 9:30 Family Time. 11:00 Lunches in classroom beginning with Kdg, 1, 2, etc.. 11:30-12:30 Valentine's Day parties. Snack, drink, and game will be provided and brought to leadership team representatives the day before parties.