Information about Buddhism and Hinduism

Hinduism and Buddusim

Hinduism and Buddhism are to religions that have been around for thousands of years.They are different in many ways and are also the same.You may be wondering ,"What is Hinduism and Buddhism and what are some differences they may have?"well here are some facts and answers!


Hinduism is the largest religion in India today.They believe in many gods which is called polytheistic.They also believe that each god is part of a spirit called Brahman.Hindus believe that there should eventually join the Brahman.Did you also know they believe that there souls are reborn many times?Hinduism is still something that people talk about about today.


Buddhism is a religion that doesn't believe in no gods.Its a religion that based on the teaching of the Buddha.When you don't believe in many gods it is called Nnotheistic..It the religion Buddha ,which means the enlighten one they believed that people should act morally and heart others well.At the heart of there teaching they created a rule called the 4 noble truth.But along with everything else there teaching challenged traditional Hindu ideas.When the enlighten one died .they still even today attracted followers!


So we already talked about some differences they have.Well here are some similarities.In the religion of Hinduism and Buddhism there are 1.3 billion people.They both was originated in the India subcontinent.


So i hope you learned lots about the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism.they are too inportant religion you will learn about.People all over the world still study and learn about these two.I hope after you read these you will understand the religions.