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DNA or otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is a inherited material in humans and most other organisms. Almost every cell in one's body has the same DNA. The greatest amount of DNA is usually situated in the cell nucleus, a small amount can also be found in the mitochondria.


Everyone's fingerprints are different, even identical twins have dissimilar fingerprints. Fingerprints do not change over time. As an outcome, fingerprints are adequate way of identifying criminals.


Impressions is when there is any evidence of incisions made by one object coming into contact with another, normally leaving behind a print or indention. Impressions can be made by footprints, tire marks and marking made by tools or other objects.

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About Forensic Science

Forensic science is a range of Sciences and Technologies to investigate and organize facts usually for criminal and civil law.

The word Forensics is the Latin word, forensic, which means before the assembly.

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Footwear Impressions-

When an individual takes a step, a impression of footwear may be left behind on the surface of the ground. Many techniques are used to recover footwear impressions.

Impressions there are made in dust are extremely weak, but they can be carefully recovered electrostatic treatment.

The impressions that come from the crime scene may be invaluable because if there is no suspect footwear samples to compare the impression which came from the crime scene then the impression would be useless.

Tire Mark Impressions-

As vehicles are normally at the crime scene either before, during or after the crime scene, tire marks will often be found at the scene. If a tire impression is found at the crime scene it could would provide information on the vehicle.

More Information about DNA-

A valuable part of DNA is that it can duplicate, or make copies of itself.

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