Sreypich Heng - Criteria C - Creating the Solution


  • Laptop/computer
  • Notebook
  • Stationary (pencils, eraser, ruler etc.)
  • Search engine/internet


February 23rd:
  • Search for different tours to Mount Everest
  • Book flight
  • Search for base camps
  • Search for different variety of food

(Should be all done in 1 class period)

February 25th:

  • Decide on 2 different tours
  • Start making spreadsheet with the 2 different options

(1 class period)

February 26th:

  • Finish spreadsheet - all details and costing

(1 class period and more time at home)

March 03rd:

  • Start making mail merge template
  • Play around with mail merging wizard to get an understanding of what it does

(1 class period and continue next class)

March 05th:

  • Start mail merging/brochure
  • Complete the first option by today's class

(1 class period, continued from last class)

March 06th:

  • Complete all brochure (option 1&2) and save it as PDF format.

(5 hours at home)

All reports are due on March 06th, 11:55pm. Upload everything to ManageBac.

Screenshot Steps

Step #1: Draw your design

Draw and label where you want everything to be, so when you actually start making the brochure, it will make everything easy/organize/recognizable.
Big image

Step #2: Research for tours to Mount Everest

This step is going to help your client to decide which tour they like better. By having two options, it will also help with the criteria's expectation by having variety of options.
Big image
Big image

Step #3: Put your information into a spreadsheet

By transferring the info into a spreadsheet (excel), it will help you in the next step. Merging the info into a word document without having to re-type everything into a new document.
Big image
Big image
Big image

Step #4: Make a mail merge template

By doing this step, you will have a guide into how you want your final product to look like.
Big image

Step #5: Mail Merging

You will mail merge your spreadsheet into a serrate word document, which will help you to layout the designing of your brochure.
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image

Step #6: Arranging images and making the brochure look pretty

This is the point when you will add the photos you find online and don't forget to cite it.
Big image
Big image

Step #7: Save it as a PDF and upload it onto ManageBac

After making the brochure look pretty, save it as a PDF and upload then have a drink and go to sleep. :P
Big image
Big image
Big image

Changes from Draft to Final

  • I had to change the alignment of the whole brochure because of all the amount of text.
  • I also change the way I wanted to put in my photos.

Websites Citations

Photos Citations