Week at a Glance

Youngblood Intermediate

Week of February 10-14, 2020

Happy Birthday this month to:

2/4-Gaby Randolph

2/5-Gloria Almalaki

2/13-Nhu Nguyen

2/14-Beulah Johnson

2/26-Bianca Tikal


Monday (2/10)-Electives: A2
  • ABC Meeting @ 7:30 a.m.
  • TELPAS Writing-5th and 6th Grade Science
  • GT Testing 5/6 Round 3
  • AVID Committee Meeting @ 4:30 Rm. 410

Tuesday (2/11)-Electives: B2

  • 5th Grade Math DCA
  • TELPAS Writing-6th Grade Social Studies
  • 6th Grade Tutorials ONLY

Wednesday (2/12)-Electives: A3

  • TELPAS Writing-6th Grade Math
  • 6th Grade Reading PLC
  • 5th Grade Reading DCA #2
  • 6th Grade Tutorials ONLY

Thursday (2/13)-Electives: B3

  • 5th Grade Math and Reading DCA makeup testing
  • Science PLC
  • TELPAS Writing-6th Grade Reading (Past tense)
  • WPBN Field Trip (9-11)

Friday (2/14)-Electives: A4


Don't forget you can wear jeans this week of you participate in the Valentine Week!

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