The Home of the Brave

By: Katherine Applegate/ Project by:Tyler Ellis

Book Cover Artwork

The cover of this novel has a young boy African boy named named Kek leaning against a cow named Gol. They meet when Kek comes to America from Africa. He has a close bond with cows because in Africa he and his family were all cattle herders. Gol reminded him of his life before the war separated Kek from his mom and killed his father and brother.
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Are you ready for a new spin to an ongoing war? Do you know whats going on in some parts of Africa and how it's effecting the people who live there? Do you want to read a story about a young African boy who's father and brother were killed right in front of him while he and his mother fled? What will happen to the boy and his mother? Will Kek survive life in the United States will he ever see his mother again? Read Home of the brave by Katherine Applegate to find out!!!!!