Capital and Language

the capital of Mexico is Mexico City which is a main attraction in Mexico.The people from Mexico speak Spanish,various Mayan,and Nahuatl.
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Population and Location

The beautiful country is located in Central America and surrounded by Brazil,Cuba,Columbia,and the USA.The people that live there have a population of 125,793,351.

Land forms,Land marks,and Water

A famous land form in Mexico is the Plateaus.They consumes much of northern and central Mexico. It spreads from the border with the USA on the north to the Cordillera Neovolcanica in the south.It occupies the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range on the west and the Sierra Madre Oriental on the east.A land mark of Mexico is the Chichen Itza. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula.An old temple of the Mayan.The body of waters are the Rio Grande,the Gulf of Mexico,the Pacific,and the Caribbean sea.

Clothing,Food,and Economy

Everyone says that Mexicans wear sombreros and carry around maracas but that's not true.The truth is that they dress just like you and me,normal jeans and shirts.The stereo types come from old style of people,now its just used for celebrations.There food is made up of peepers,corn,and rice.Most of the food is spicy or sweet and is made up of old recopies.Mexico has a large economy with 2.143 in savings.

Entertainment,holidays,and religion

For entertainment people in Mexico play soccer or video games.Most parents don't have enough for these counsels so they hang out with there friends and play out side.They enjoy pop music and hip hop but in the more native parts listen to more traditional music.Mexico has its own holidays such as day of the dead and Carnival.To end it off the main religion is Roman Cathlic.
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