Tristin Hollingsworth

Costa Rica

Airfare cost and schedule

For two adult travelers to travel to San Jose, Costa Rica it's going to cost $910.02. Each person it will cost: $455.01. It also will take 11h, 47m to get to the destination in Costa Rica with one stop on the way. On the way back from Costa Rica it will take 10h, 26m to get back to Denver Co. with only one stop on the way.


The hotel that I would be staying in is Wyndham San Jose Herradura hotel. It will cost $75 dollars for one room each night. It is also a 4 star hotel with a pool and in the pool is built in tables and a bar that you can sit in the pool and buy bear and other stuff. You can get free wireless internet, breakfast buffet, and free parking. This is at Travelocity. The other website was Expedia and it was the same price, but it didn't have the breakfast buffet.


The first thing I will do in San Jose is an arenal volcano and hot springs tour. it will cost $260.00 for 2 adults to do the tour.

Second thing that I could do is go to the Manuel Antonio national park coastal Eco-Trek and explore the rainforest hikes and stunning beaches, and it will cost $200.00 for 2 adults.

The last thing that I could do is canopy tour of La Carpintera, you get to hike the mountain trails and glide above La Carpintera's rainforest, and it will cost $170.00 for 2 adults to do this activities.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One problem is the weather could be bad and I could not be able to do some of the activities. A solution is to do something inside. Another problem is that the flight could get canceled do to rain, snow, or hail. An solution is to plan ahead for this by bring some extra money. You also can look at the weather so you can bring warm clothing and so you can get an idea of what the weather is going to be like when are there.


In conclusion my trip was awesome we got to do lots of cool stuff like going to the beach and exploring the forest on zip lines. Also going on a tour of the volcano and the hot spring of San Jose, Costa Rica was amazing to do.