The Enders Game

By: Orson Scott Card


Ender is selected by international military forces to save the world from destruction. Ender is made commander of Dragon Army and given a group of soldiers, most of them Launchies. Ender gets into a fight and he hurts four older boys who attack him. It is clear to Ender that the teachers are leaving him to fend for himself. Ender's army is given an unprecedented number of battles to face, with advantages given to the enemies, and he wins every one.

How does the author include pathos?

Ender was having a difficult time saying his goodbyes. Even though he had got picked to save the galaxy from destruction he still didn't like the fact that he had that he had to go and that he had to use violence even when he didn't want to.

How does the author include ethos?

Ender kept on going and he thrived for the best. Ender didn't give up no matter what and he also wasn't afraid that he had to lead a whole army and had to win every battle his army faced. He trained his army to be the best and to have the courage just like he did.

How does the author include logos?

The concept of a game is the novel's major theme. All of the other important ideas in the novel are interpreted through the context of the games. Ender wins all of the games, but it is not so clear what that means. He thinks for a large part of the book that the games are no more than they appear, and he does not realize the real meaning of his final game until it is far too late.