By: Hayley Bemis

Prolemuris found in the Amazon

Prolemuris were spotted on April 3rd, 2014 in the Amazon Rainforest by a tourist. The tourist says "I saw it stare at me for a moment, and then ran off, it had four arms and was really big." No other local news has been said about the prolemuris.

What is a Prolemuris?

A prolemuris is a creature from Pandora that is a tree dweller that prefers the relative safety of the canopy to the dangers of the rainforest. They are similar to monkeys or squirrels on earth.The prolemuris has lateral membranes that grow out of its sides and between its lower arm and thigh. Which allows them to climb trees faster and for them to not get a injury by falling off a tree. They don't weigh a lot because they have hollow bones. Their ears are erect flaps that can move immediately of one another in order to track sound easily. They also have large eyes with binocular vision and have a apelike skull. They have very sharp teeth and have a small amount of hair on its head.

Prolemuris's Diet

The prolemuris is an arboreal herbivore, but it is known to eat insects on occasion. Its predators include banshees and viperwolves in the Pandora world.


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