Read AQ Part 3 Specialist

Reflection By Lindsay Freelan

What is the GOAL of being a Literacy Coach?

= to improve student learning and literacy achievement
= to focus on strengthening the quality of teaching and learning.
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Benefits of Literacy Coaching for STUDENTS:

When professional learning is embedded, it builds classroom practice and a school culture that improves student achievement

(Gains Framework for Literacy Coaches)

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Benefits of literacy coaching for TEACHERS:

(June 2007 Reseach Monograph #6: The Effectiveness of Literacy Coaching)

Coaches can work with teachers to improve their evaluation measures of

children’s achievement.

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Success of Teacher Learning Teams:

(How Teachers Learn. February 2009, Volume 66)

= the learning-team model of professional development provides deeper teacher-directed learning
= school districts have altered their calendars and weekly schedules to provide teachers with regular common planning and learning time and have incorporated release times for teacher teams during the instructional day
= structural changes help remove the barrier of teacher isolation that is, in part, responsible for the lack of effective professional growth (see Fullan as quoted in Sparks, 2003)

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ME as a Literacy Coach!

My Independent Study: The Daily 5

Workshop #1- The Group Presentation: How to implement the Daily 5 in your classroom

- September: the PHYSICAL set up of what it LOOKS like

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Workshop #2- The Lunch and Learn: How to implement Word Work and the use of technology

- professional resources to use to set up word work centres

- technology to engage students

- iPad apps to explore

Workshop #3- The Lunch and Learn: How to Assess the Daily 5 and monitor student success

- iPads used for documentation and self and peer assessment

- checklists

- visual schedules and student CHOICE

- weekly trackers

- student friendly rubrics

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