Hero Project


Definition Essay

Dictionary.com defines a hero as, “a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.” To me a hero isn't based on abilities, a hero is person who positively impacts your life. The typical image of a hero is a superhero saving the day, but heroes are more than just capes and superpowers. Heroes are also people you know you can always count on.

A hero is a doctor caring for a sick newborn baby. Imagine a sick child nurtured by a doctor who is willing to do anything to help that child. Consider the risks the doctor has to make to make sure that baby is okay. Consider the scared parents of that child. This exemplifies the my definition of a hero because that doctor saving the child's life positively impacted the lives of others including the sick child. Even if the baby doesn't make it, those parents know that the doctor did everything they possibly could have done. Saving a life positively impacts people's lives.

Heroes are parents who are always there for their kids. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors said she would survive another month or two. She ended up living another 13 years and she was there for my dad's wedding. This shows that my grandma was there for my dad because even though she had cancer, she still was there to experience more moments of my dad's life and his siblings lives. My dad thought he would only see his mom for another month or two and surviving another 13 years shows how he could count on her. He could count on her to be at his wedding and meet my mom. She also positively impacted his life because she never complained about having cancer and this taught him to suck it up and persevere.

Also, my dad is always there for my brother and me. He comes to basically all of our sports games. On an average weekday he works out, goes to work, and still has time for his kids when he gets home. My dad is someone I can always count on to be there. He always comes to all of my basketball games so I know I can count on him. He also shows up to important events in my life. My dad positively impacts my life. He is very supportive and has always been someone I can trust. A hero is someone you can always count on and someone who positively impacts your life.

Some people might say a hero is someone who wears a cape and saves the day, but a hero is a person you can always count on. A hero is someone who positively impacts your life. My dad is no superman, but he is still a hero.

Research Project

This diagram represents Santorini's multicolored mountains that reach 300m above sea level. On top of the mountains are white Cycladic buildings. The Cycladic buildings overlook the blue water. These buildings were painted white to resist the harsh sun in the summer. The point of white houses is to make them more heat resistant. Santorini's beaches are red, black, and white because of the volcanic activity that took place before the beaches formed. It was one of the biggest eruptions ever. Lots of the beaches look different from one another because most of them have different color sand. This connects to my dad because over spring break a few years ago my family took a trip to Santorini. We stayed in a white Cycladic hotel on the mountains looking over the water. We went to the beaches, caves, and ruins in Greece.
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