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A guide to working with mentees at your school site

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January 2022:

Hello, BPS mentors.

Welcome back! I hope your break was full of well-deserved relaxation and rejuvenation. As far as working with new teachers, they are entering the phase where attitudes toward teaching start really looking up. Encourage and celebrate this attitude shift. Here's to a good 2022 for all of us!

We have a new round of hires coming on board within the next few weeks. Please refer to the areas of focus for these new teachers in this year's first newsletter. You can access all newsletters by clicking the induction page link at the bottom of this newsletter. Teachers hired after January 7 are considered short-term. Those teachers hired on or before January 7 will go through the full evaluation requirements and can qualify for pay for performance.

Please choose a few areas to focus on from the list below:

1. Personal: Write your mentee a “welcome back” note and put it on their desk or in their mailbox. If you have a bit of time, try to meet with them within the next few days to debrief the first semester and set goals for a successful second semester.

2. Professional: Discuss how the mentoring process is working. Make plans for the mentoring relationship for the second semester.

3. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Focus on planning practices. Assist the new teachers in analyzing semester exams and other summative assessment data in order to design and select scaffolding strategies the third quarter.

4. Organizational Systems: The beginning of the second semester is the perfect time to evaluate classroom arrangements, adequacy of resources, success of procedures, use of time, efficiency of routines, and effectiveness of responses to unmet expectations. Help your mentee reflect on these areas.

5. Students: Assist new teachers in developing systems for monitoring progress and being aware of students who may be in danger of failing. Help them set up intervention plans including proactive support systems.

6. Colleagues: A. Update the principal or other administrators on how things are going with your mentee and the mentoring process. B. Ensure that your mentees engage in any opportunities to review student work in departmental, team, or grade level groups.

7. School Systems: A. Discuss with your mentee that after the winter break, routines and procedures will need to be reviewed and practiced again – almost like the first day of school. B. Discuss the spring standardized-testing schedule.

8. Parents and Community: For new teachers teaching semester courses, revisit the August and September calendars for reminders of communication systems that need to be implemented with the parents of the second semester students.

*Special Educators: Support your mentee in reviewing semester grades and other classroom achievement data. Also, review with your new teacher the IEP dates for the second semester.

As always, thank you so much for all you do. You are the Heart of Brevard! 💚

Bridget Reed

Breakdown and suggestions taken from Paula Rutherford's Just Ask Publications

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⭐⭐⭐Mentor/Mentee Spotlight ⭐⭐⭐

"What was one school-based challenge you overcame in fall 2021 and what are you looking forward to in 2022?"

Heritage High School

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"Just getting myself organized and familiar with district procedures was an initial challenge for me as a new teacher this past semester. My mentor, Ms. Peters, has assisted me the entire way from providing needed supplies to helping me prepare a lesson plan for my first Formal observation. Now that I am settling in, I look forward to a smoother year in 2022."

-Jon-Paul Beer, mentee, Heritage High School

"The biggest school-based challenge was the impact COVID had on staff shortages and new teachers. All the key players came together to cover classes and support and retain new teachers in our building.

"The one thing I am looking forward to in 2022 is the growth of new teachers; especially my mentee, Mr. Beer, who has already demonstrated his ability to balance the myriad of things that come with growing into a well-rounded educator."

-Denise Peters, lead mentor, Heritage High School

Southwest Middle School

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"One of the struggles I overcame, being a new teacher, is having to cover on planning. Now I have adjusted and figured out how to manage on days when I don't have a planning period.

One thing I look forward to is building better relationships with my current students."

-Sarah Halfhide, mentee, Southwest Middle School

"One of the struggles I overcame this past semester is being comfortable with trying new tasks. I have become comfortable in my daily tasks and not adding to my plate, but this year I took over the Yearbook Club. I'm a sports person so this type of club is a stretch for me, and I feel good about it.

"One thing I look forward to, which is a goal for 2022, is working closer with Push-In Teachers and IA's to make sure we are collaborating and meeting the needs of all students.

Side note: Sarah is a former student of mine here at Southwest, so I love the fact that I'm her mentor this year."

-Renita Stewart, mentor, Southwest Middle School

Quest Elementary School

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"One school-based challenge, I overcame this semester was trying to balance everything, work, classroom management, family, and my own well-being. This is still a struggle, but I feel like I'm starting to get a better balance and I'm hoping that in the next semester I can use the techniques I've learned (and still learn) to continually find that balance. I'm so grateful to have a mentor like Lauren, she's a caring, positive, supportive person who is willing to help in any way for me to succeed. Her guidance and friendship have helped me to stay afloat this semester at the times when I felt like I was drowning."

-Jennifer Hera, mentee, Quest Elementary School

"Embracing a new ELA curriculum and B.E.S.T. standards was a challenge that took lots of collaboration to overcome. 2022 will bring renewed confidence, more engaging collaboration and reminding ourselves that what we do in the classroom must always be what’s best for kids!"

-Lauren Sicoli, mentor, Quest Elementary School


🢂Clinical Educator Training (CET) Registration - Second Semester 2022

Share this with teachers you know who are looking for leadership opportunities and will be strong mentors! CET will be offered as a Canvas online course for second semester beginning on January 18, 2022 and ending on March 22, 2022. The course will consist of two modules and three virtual meetings to discuss content and practice skills. Participants will be expected to complete the online coursework and attend all three virtual meetings.

Interested instructional staff, such as teachers, school-based coaches, and school counselors need to complete an application form, included with the Leadership Team Memo dated November 29, as part of the CET registration process. Return completed forms to Linda Buffum, Department of Professional Learning and Development, with principal signature. CET is considered the first step in our Teacher Leadership Program and will give participants opportunities to build coaching and feedback skills to support new teacher development. Completed and signed applications will be considered according to the date received, until the session is filled. Registration will close on Thursday, January 13, 2022. Those teachers selected to attend will then be registered in ProGOE and sent a confirmation email.

The following are prerequisites to participate in this training:

· Administrative approval

· Effective or higher evaluation score on the 2020-21 Summative 1

· Completion of 3 years of successful classroom teaching either in Florida or another state

· Valid Florida Professional Teaching Certificate (Check the H507 screen in AS400 for certification)

For questions, please contact Linda Buffum at or at 321-633-1000 Ext 11262.


✔️From the Office of Certification:

Reminder: It is that time of year for those educators who hold a FL DOE five-year Professional Certificate that will expire on 6.30.2022 to renew their certificate! Our District deadline is April 1, 2022, which will align with the reappointment process. Your school/department secretary has received the directions below and you may obtain the required Payroll and District Security forms from them. You must have a total of 120 in-service points including 20 in SWD (teaching Students With Disabilities) earned and/or banked during your validity period. If you need additional in-service points please email Itzel Copley in Professional Learning and Development for options available to you. If you need further information, please email Sharon Doucett-Doran.

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⭐⭐CHAMPS/DISC January training⭐⭐

This training is a research-based approach to improving classroom management and student behavior. The target audience is new teachers and administrative approval is mandatory for the required two-day ESF training.

  • Section #411664
  • Course # 17859
  • January 12th and 13th
  • 8:30 – 3:30
  • Room 5&6 at ESF