Monday, September 15th


Happy Monday: Important Information about Unit exams

  • Unit exams are worth LOTS of points and have a huge impact on your grade overall
  • It is important that you have your notes organized when you take them
  • On the Unit 1 exam, there is a section where you are asked to translate verbs like "vident" or "paro" or "habetis". Remember that each verb ending corresponds to an English pronoun, like I, you, he (or she), we, you and they. You MUST translate these verbs with those pronouns. If you need to check the verb endings, they are in the Chapter 3 grammar notes.
  • You will get a zero for the Unit 1 exam (which, as always you can make up), if it is not done by 5pm today (Monday).

I'm on Vacation!

Starting Wednesday, because I teach year round, I am on vacation until October 6th. What does this mean for you? Well, it means I will be in a really good mood most of the time :). It also means that I will not be at a computer necessarily all day long, nor all evening. I will be doing my grading during the day, probably in the mornings. And I will probably be out in the evenings but will answer all emails and requests within 24 hours, as always.

I will still be available all the time for texting. I just may not be at a computer and able to do things right when you text me. Although I am on vacation from my face to face school, I am still very much responsible for you and for my VPS work.

See below for more Info for the week!


I'm pretty amazing, but...

I'm only human. I forget things you ask me sometimes. I say I'm going to clear something and I forget. I am sorry if that is frustrating, but keeping track of 60 people whose faces I have never seen can be a challenge. If you need to remind me, please remind me. The BEST way for me to remember to clear an assignment or correct something is EMAIL. That way I do it the same moment I see your email. If you text it to me, I forget sometimes. Thanks!!