LISD Visual Art

Spring, 2015 Issue 5: Information and Upcoming Events

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New Textbooks

The Art Ed Textbook Committee (Leslie McReynolds for ES, Nancy Lawrence and Alesia Shaw for MS, Marty Kruk for HS) spoke at the recent Board Meeting about our new textbook adoption. We will be presenting at the April meeting as well.

Please be on the lookout this week for an email from Missy and your committee rep.

We need your input. Please take the time to do the Test Drive. Davis Publication is THE ONLY approved vendor for Art Ed, but we still need your input.

Keep in mind these textbooks will be digital per TEA guidelines. These are not like our previous textbooks, so check them out!

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Supplemental Materials: Ordering is different and will be explained in the email.

We are very excited about the Davis Digital Fine Art Images, which allows our kids access to thousands and thousands of high-resolution fine art images, appropriate for K-12. Over 20,000 images from The Smithsonian Museum were recently added, now making it over 50,000 images. Completely cross curricular!

There are many wonderful Ancillaries. Please look at them. This is why we need your input.

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LISD Student Art Shows


Hang: March 24, 25, or 26 (specific dates and times to be decided by the LISD Art Show Committee) - (MCL)

Opening: March 27


Take Down: April 6


Hang: April 7, 8, or 9 (specific dates and times to be decided by the LISD Art Show Committee) - (MCL)

Opening: April 10

Closing: April 18

Take down: April 20


Hang: April 21, 22, 23 (specific dates and times to be decided by the LISD Art Show Committee) - (MCL)

Opening: April 24

Closing: May 2

Take Down: May 4

* MCL Grand is open Tuesday through Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. The gallery will be open during the evening if outside events are scheduled.

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Faculty Art Show, February 2015

Absolutely wonderful show, it received much praise from employees and visitors. What a great way to promote Art Ed in our district! We are going to keep this momentum going....

This will be an annual February show, so prepare for next year!

Here is a sampling from the show:

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Summer In-services! ARGgggggggggg!

The Advocacy Committee is brainstorming and researching relevant and exciting summer in-services for our necessary Aug/November Trade Days credit.

Please be on the look out for a survey from Missey and Marty about what YOU want from professional development.

LISD Visual Art Website and Staff Directory

Please continue to update your page. Keep it fresh. Think about all the people checking us out. They are.

If you need any help, there is a tutorial tab at the top.

Thank you for filling in your slide for the Directory!

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Who's Who? Your Committee:


Lynn Luck,

Leslie McReynolds, Communications Chair,

Pam Sewell,

*Elizabeth Stroud, (currently not available, please contact another member)

Middle School

Nancy Lawrence,

Alesia Shaw,

Chuck Brouilette,

High School

Janet Cranston,

Josh Fletcher, Secretary,

Ross Hines,

Angel Holmes,

Marty Kruk, Chairperson,

Kathy Toews, Superintendent’s Office Art Coordinator,


Missey Head, Coordinator of Fine Arts,

Bill Watson, Director of Fine Arts,

Superintendent's Office Art Show Guidelines

Superintendent’s Office

Artwork Selection

Rules and Regulations

Drafted: Fall 2014

Artwork/Submitting Artwork:

  • Teachers can submit as many works as they see fit.

  • Number of works selected:

    • 3 - Elementary School

    • 3 - Middle School

    • 3 - High School

  • All work will be submitted electronically to the Superintendent’s Art Show Coordinator (SAS Coordinator).

  • Each image must have:

    • media

    • dimensions/size

    • artist name

    • teacher name

  • The SAS Coordinator will mat, frame, and install all work selected, as well as maintain the show.

    • Framed work or work on canvas will not be framed/reframed, but will hang in existing state.

  • Artwork must be submitted to the SAS Coordinator prior to the following Arts Advocacy meeting dates: May, October, December, March.

The Show

  • Work will be displayed for 9 weeks. New works will be selected and placed in these months: September, November, January and April.

    • Participating Teachers and Students PLEASE NOTE: You will not be able to collect before the end of the 9 week time frame. All work selected will be hung for the full 9 weeks; therefore, work in the Superintendents Show is not available for other shows (for example: VASE, LISD District Shows).

  • The show can house up to, but no more than, three 3-D works.

    • The 3-D works must be ready for installation upon delivery to the SAS Coordinator.

Selection of Work

  • The selection committee is made up of 3 or more members of the Arts Advocacy Committee.

  • The process for selecting works will be the “sticky note method”. Each member of the committee will be given a proportional amount of sticky notes and then proceed to vote for their selection in each category (High, Middle, Elementary school).

  • The 3 works in each category that gather the most votes will be the works selected for the show.