My 2014-2015 School Year

Middle School and New Friends

My 7th Grade Experience

7th Grade and waking up for zero period was a big change for me, but a good experience. I learned a lot this year: how to socialize with others, how to communicate with teachers and how to deal with absences. My after school activities have become eating, sleeping (because of zero period), homework and skateboarding.

New Friends

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At the beginning of the school year, I came knowing only a few friends from Ashley Falls. I met people from many different elementary schools for the first time. That was really cool. It was a great experience meeting a bunch of new people with similar interests. This year I was absent a ton because I got sick a lot. The doctor told my mom that when you go to middle school, you get exposed to new germs. I missed 19 days and it was so hard to catch up. I had to learn how to communicate with each of my teachers by email to find out what I missed and what I had to do. It's hard missing things that are explained in class and then coming back to a test. My grades suffered and my parents were not happy. Skateboarding and hanging out with friends are what I look forward to the most. Skateboarding has brought me to many new places where I meet new people. Skateboarding has been good and bad. I have been sponsored and get free stuff, but I also get hurt a lot when I hit the pavement. But, I'll never give it up.

Check Out This Skater

AHR Skate: Mic'd up with Jordan Riachi Vol. 5

Skateboarding in Del Mar

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This Year Has Been Amazing

I couldn't have had a better 7th grade year. I learned how to stay alive in middle school, make new friends, communicate with teachers and deal with absences. I like zero period and getting out of school early during the week. I got more mature this year by learning new things, having teachers push me to work harder and get organized. Thanks to all my teachers and friends for making this year fun and amazing. I will never forget 7th grade at CVMS.