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This is the Best Movie For Future Hackers

Do you like hacking, computers, or just action movies then Brain Jack By Brian Falter is the movie for you! Brain Jack comes on theater December 24, 2226! This movie is about Sam and his wild adventure! Sam is one of the best teenager hackers in the world. He meets some new friends along the way! Once Agent Tyler is after Sam and his friends will they make it out alive or will the world blow up...... just like Vegas

"I fear for the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots". ~Albert Einstein

Flu by Netru Headeset

We have been informed that people are getting the flu by wearing this headsets. After they are using the headset they are craving weird foods and throwing up constantly. We have got the news that over 1000 people are sick all ready stay toon for more!
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