Future News Bulletin

Gebel 10 year high school reunion

My life

I am currently the vice CEO and European translator of a book organization; a side branch of Barns and noble. I travel constantly to different locations for work and family, usually in Europe where the prime of my job consist. I have worked for my company for 8 years and am very pleased to continue my work.

Hobbies i enjoy include skying, i love the snow and being out having fun. Curling up in a ball with a good book is still a favorite of mine. Sports are exciting and fun to watch and take part in. Making music and singing always put a smile on my face.

My family brings me the greatest joy. i take pride in all that we do together and having them in my life. My husband and two kids, one boy and one girl keep things fresh and new and always a constant adventure. We live in a large suburban house with our little husky puppy, and aquarium full of the kids fish friends.

I graduated from college after 5 years when i was 23 with a major in English study and a minor in foreign language translation. Speaking a total of 5 languages,and still learning more. I hope to complete all my goals in life and to always live up to my potential.