Grade 6

By Palak Gandhi

Trimester two has ended and the third and final one has arrived. Even after Spring Break has ended, Grade 6 continues to do their best and shine. Read on to find out what we're learning about in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Art, Computer Studies, and PE.

Math and Science

Right now in Math, we are learning about integers, ratios, and rational numbers. We are going to have a test about coordinates, integers, and rational numbers. In science, we have just finished our engineering unit and have started on our Earth science.


Right now in Language Arts, we are reading a book called Bud, not Buddy. In Social Studies, we have finished our Ancient China unit and are going to soon start on our Ancient Greece one. We have just been to the Hong Kong History Museum to see the Ming Dynasty exhibition and the Hong Kong Story exhibit.

Other Classes

Other than Humanities, Math, and Science, we have Computer Studies, Art, PE, Mandarin, and Music. Below are paragraphs on 3 of the extra subjects; Computer Studies, Art, and PE. In Computer Studies, we are learning about PHP. In Art, we are learning about juxtaposition and how to use it in a collage and in PE we are playing pickleball.

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