by Toby Mass


kansas' nickname is the wheat state and the sunflower state due to it's massive amounts of sunflowers and farming


the Kansas capital is near Missouri and it's called Topeka
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The largest city is wichita

the us senators of Kansas are Jerry Moran & Pat Robert

Major produce

Kansas produces mainly of livestock such as cows and chickens and piggies
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Bordering states

The states that border Kansas are:Nebraska,Missouri,Oklahoma,and Colorado
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The average climate temperature is 55 degrees fairenheit

Kansas was established Jan,29,1861

State flower

The state flower is the wild sunflower which they have a lot of
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The state tree

The Kansas,state tree is: populus sect.aigeiros
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State bird

The Kansas state bird is the western meadowlark and boy they are pretty
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State song

The Kansas,state song is: My western home
“Home on the Range" aka, "My Western Home"

A place to visit

If you go to Kansas you should really go to Kansas city.Kansas city is so pretty,especially at night.Kansas city is also very calm and active ,and with all those businesses you'll never find people just sitting around and watching TV.One,because of all the things you can do,and two it can get really boring in Kansas city so you wanna stay really active,and so people try not to get bored by being very active

Famous landmarks

There are so many places to go in Kansas so I took the famous landmarks.You could go to Strataca,or exploration place,Kansas state capitol,the zoo,and big brutus

Famous person

Out of all the people in Kansas I would choose Alex Gordon because of him being great at baseball and he's the best player on the Kansas city royals.
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Why you should visit Kansas

Kansas is a wonderful fun place,and it has tons of things to do,plus its great economy will make sure that you get the money that you deserve.There is not a lot of people there either so you will have lots of room,and add the great weather and you got a great life in Kansas. Except for the fact that they have a lot of tornadoes and storms