John Cabot

come to learn about john Cabot sail to america

by Landon ponder NWR series

Early life

John Cabot was born in 1451 in Italy . His name in Italy was Giovanni caboto /oldname . He lived his older life in Venice which is a major trading port /a place to trade goods. He was one of the worlds famous explores in the 1400,s.
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mid life

John visited north america.Then discoverer Canada he raised money to fund his voyage a sail. he looked for Spanish sponsors /to pay for the trip to finance his voyage. He planted an English flag on shore. he sailed from Italy to north America to find a home.

late life

john Cabot got his aprovel/ excepted on his expedition /a long trip from king Henry. He sailed with his crew every summer for years to come. They would come back with tons/ a lot of fish and food to last them hundreds of years to come. But sad lie john went one more time to sail to get fish and never made it back.


John sailed west to get fish to bring back home but never came back LOOK AT THE MAP FOR MORE
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