Maxx & Forrest's 6th Grade News

Cold Spring School

Leadership and Play

The 6th graders are in the fortunate position of having not one, but two sets of younger buddies. Having buddies is an opportunity for the 6th graders to learn from, take care of, and bond with younger members of their community.

Preschool Buddies

Each week the 6th graders and preschoolers will work together in the Tinkering Lab. For our introductory meeting Donna lead us in a game of Duck Duck Goose and a few rounds of the Hokey Pokey. "You put your hand in, you put your hand out..."

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K/1 Buddies

We also met with our buddies from Laura and Krista's K/1 class. We sit with these buddies each week at School Meeting.

Big kids at play

During the 8:00 - 8:30 arrival time every day, students complete their morning routine. After unpacking and turning in their homework, the 6th graders have an opportunity to play. Sometimes students choose to play structured games, such as Mastermind or Chess. Other days, students draw or tinker with puzzles.
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During their morning options time, Marcia, Jacob and Ruby used Unifix Cubes to build a bridge and a family of giraffes.
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Cold Spring School challenges children to become self-reliant, curious, and resourceful problem solvers with the academic and social skills to engage constructively and ethically in our diverse, changing world.