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Panther FAMILY

Good afternoon! What a tough week! Just want to thank all staff for coming together and supporting each other and our students. We are a family. Staff and students may continue to struggle in the days and weeks ahead. Please look out for each other and our kids. If you have concerns please let Mrs. Crutcher or Mrs. Richter know so they can give the proper help/counseling.

ICU List


Please remember our commitments we made to each other over the summer:

1. Take assignments off the list when they are turned in (at minimum daily). Please do not leave for the day without taking assignments off the list. You do NOT have to grade it before taking the student off the list. You can always put them back on the list if the assignment is not quality when you grade it.

2. Be in your rooms (or on duty) by 7:30 am.

3. Have the ICU conversation with your students every day in GAP! The first thing on your GAP agenda is to check the list, see if any of your students are on it and have that 4 question conversation. Remember, part of the success of the program is the NAGGING!

4. Always be a lifeguard! Catch students in class during work time. Have the list available to you at all times and use it! Especially if you are a coach/club sponsor. Make sure your students get the help they need and get the assignments complete.

5. Put "M's" in the grade book. These still calculate at zeros for the overall average. At the end of the grading period, if a student has an "M" they will get an incomplete for the quarter. EVERY STUDENT, EVERY ASSIGNMENT.

The process is set up to be successful, but only if we maintain our commitments to each other. When any one of us fails to hold up our end, it affects everyone. If you have concerns or solutions to issues we are facing, please see Mr. Stephens or Mr. Willhoite.


See the articles/blogs below. We have a handful of teachers (Mrs. Cady, Mr. Stockhausen and Mr. Shattuck, that I know of), trying out the single-point rubric. Research shows that timely, quality feedback has a significant impact on student learning! Check it out!

Shhhhhh! Top Secret File:

We will be holding our first BLITZ day this Friday. We will be on BLACK Schedule (which will be sent out later). There will be no GAP and you will have all your classes (for a shortened amount of time)

In your grade level PLC's this week (most meet Thursday), you will need to review your list and make sure all students on it are assigned to a teacher room. If a teacher has an abundance of students you may want to have a couple rooms and another teacher to help work it. If a teacher(s) does not have any students on the list, we will use you to help cover our reward areas.

More info will be coming soon!

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