Invasive Species Project

By Peyton Bennett & Tripp Estep - 3rd Period

The "Snakehead" Fish

Often known as the "Snakehead Fish", a more specific name for the fish is the "Channa Argus". These fish are named based on the location where they are located on the Earth.

The "Killer Fish"

This animal is known for its size and the way it uses it's body, for example they can survive on land for up to 3 days. They have a special air passage that stores air, so they can use that resource when it is needed.
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Type of Animal

The Snakehead fish is classified as an aquatic living animal. Even though it can adapt to stay on land for periods of time, it must return to water in order to maintain life.

What does the Fish Look Like?

The size often depends on the genes the fish inherits from its parents, but most fish can grow very large in size. As for the color of the Snakehead, it varies depending once again on their genes, and from what region they are from in the world.

What Country/Continent are they from?

The continent that the fish came from was Asia. There are not listed exact countries, but they are believed to be located all throughout the continent.

What are they doing Wrong?

These fish do not have any natural predators, so they go throughout the food web and are killing and eating valuable and much needed parts of the web. Other than humans, they do not have anything to worry about as far as killing them off.
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Where in the US does it occur?

The Snakehead fish was first discovered in the State of Maryland. But since then, it has spread to California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Hawaii.

Snakehead Spreading?

Snakehead fish are adapt to moving territories, since they usually live in muddy areas. They move to different areas of the country by coming in shipments from other countries, or being transported around the country.
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How did they get here?

They came from Asia, and keep multiplying in numbers due to reproduction among themselves.
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Controlling the Population?

States and certain regions have put on fishing contests awarding amounts of money to the people who either kill the most Snakeheads or catch the largest one.