Where Does the Sun Go at Night?

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I Wonder...

Why is it dark at night?

Why is there light during the day?

Where is the sun?

What shape is the earth?

Where is the Earth?

Does the Earth move?

What else do you wonder?

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The Earth is round. It exists in space and is surrounded by darkness.

Where is the Sun?

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The Sun also exists in space. It is really big, and really far away from Earth. Does the Sun's light reach Earth?

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When the Sun's light reaches the Earth, it's light out!

But when half of the Earth is receiving light, the other half of the world is dark.
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The Earth is Always Moving.

It rotates so that the part of the Earth is always facing the Sun. This part of the world is light. It is day here. The other half of the world is dark. It is night there.

Click to Watch the Video and See How the Earth Moves!

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So, where does the Sun go at night?

What questions do you have?

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