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Train Your Brain!

National "Train Your Brain" Day is October 13th! There are many different ways to train your mind and improve cognitive skills: reading, word puzzles, number games, brain teasers, trivia games, riddles and word games, physical activity is also recommended to boost brain function, cognition and scholastic performance.

To celebrate this extraordinary day, I've created and collected a variety of brain based activities that you can use with your students to help exercise and expand their minds.

"Breakout" Puzzles

Breakout Challenges are great way to connect and engage your students in fun problem solving and creative thinking strategies.

For delivery in a classroom zoom session, simply drop the link in the chat box for your students to click/access the activity prior to sending into "Breakout" rooms. Want to include this in a reinforcement activity on Canvas? You can also copy and paste the link into your assignment module for students to access that way as well.

Email Stefanie Caswell if you need help running breakout rooms or solutions/explanations with any of these puzzles.

(Please be mindful of the fact that not all students/families recognize Halloween and that the activity is optional.)

How can I help?

Do your GATE and high achieving students need more? Would you like another set of hands for your GATE zoom breakout rooms? Click the bookings button below and schedule a time for me to assist you.
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Exercise and Expand Student Thinking

Brain Games Online

I have compiled a series of computer based enrichment games listed towards the bottom of our GATE Remote Learning Enrichment Page.

Brain Gymmer

The online gym for your brain.

Games for Improved Cognitive Ability

This is a list of in-home games and the cognitive skills that they highlight through play.