Librarian: the job

Exploring the world of literature, one book at a time.

What is a librarian?

A librarian could be classified as many things. A person who works at a library is how I like to think of it as. I picked librarian as my job because I like to work with and read books!

Language of the Discipline

Some words and phrases librarians will hear continually during their career: books, overdue, fines, author's names, book club.

Across Disciplines

What you will need to know to be a librarian.

Reading: everything about reading and books.

Math: calculating fines. (operations)


Questions that could be answered either way.

- Is it okay to read a book from the library that somebody might want and can't find because of you?

- Is it okay to take home a library book that is on the cart to get rid of, but somebody might still want it?

Unanswered Questions

- What does a librarian earn? ($$)

- Is it worth the money to replace books?

- How much training/college do you need?