How important they really are

The Importance of Passwords

 Passwords are very important things that secure your account. The reason why they are so important is because they keep your stuff safe and protected. If somebody found out your password they can take over your account or mess it up. The only people you should tell your password to is your parents just in case of an emergency.

How To Make A Password

To make a password you need numbers, letters, puncuation, and upper and lower case letters. One way to help make a acount is use the beginning letters of things and random number for example: i like cat instead of using that it can be ilc376.


Hackers could be your friends or people you have never met. To avoid these people to take over your acount change your password every six months. One other important thing you should do is have different passwords for different acounts. Always make sure you never tell anybody exept your parents your password.

How To Be Safe Online

This is one of many websites that will guide you to be safe online. It will show how to make safe passwords, usernames, and many more.