He is a hero?

3 reasons that Jackson is a hero

1.The reason why Jackson is a hero because he was known as the common man because he was the voice of the common man.

2.The reason why he is a hero because he was really a patient indian fighter and wanted to be called a general not president.

3.Jackson has his personal honor and had a temper but he knowed how to use it against his opponnets.

The common man!!!!

The reason why jackson was a hero is because he lowered the taxes and was captured to be known as the common man. He would challenge you to a duel if you tried to dicourage his honor and he would get angry but then he would tell the people that he wasnt mad.When Jackson was president that time period was named THE AGE OF JACKSON.

honor Jackson or not

If you din't honor Jackson or discourage him he will ask for you to be in a duel with him and he will kill you he was shot only 2 times both in the back. He doesn't like for people to think of him negativley.Jackson didn't like talking about politics and he didn't like the supreme court talking about him.