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September 18, 2022


It's Homecoming Week!

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Homecoming Q & A

Q: Can I wear a hat to school this week?

A: If it's part of your Spirit Day participation, yes. If a staff member asks you to remove it, take it off.

Q: Do we have a Pep Assembly this week?

A: YES! Friday at 1:00. Your teacher will bring you to the Gym.

Q: When is the Parade?

A: Friday afternoon at 2:00. Lineup starts at 1:45. We'll dismiss from the Pep Assembly.

Q: Do we go back to class after the Parade?

A: High School Students will be dismissed for the day at the completion of the parade. This is likely before the 3:04 bell rings. If you ride a bus, you'll need to come back to campus. If the weather is nice, we'll probably be hanging out in the Circle Drive lawn.

Q: When is Coronation?

A: Football halftime

Q: When do we hear how the Floats placed and find out the Winners of Spirit Week?

A: Football halftime

Q: Can I go to the Dance?

A: If you are in good standing (see HANDBOOK) and were at school for 4+ hours on Friday, yes.

Q: Can I bring someone to the Dance that doesn't go to SHS?

A: If they are in HS, not older than 20 years old, and have an approved Out of District Date form, yes.

Q: Where can I get an Out of District Date form?

A: I emailed them to students last Monday - and there are hard copies in the HS Office with Ms. Tristen. They are due on WEDNESDAY.

Q: Where is the Dance?

A: The patio (where I play music in the mornings)

Q: When is the Dance?

A: Following the Football game, usually 9:30 to 11:30. I'll send a text alert so Parents/Guardians are aware. When coming to the Dance, don't bring outside drinks. Also, when you leave, you can't come back in.

Q: How much is it to get into the Dance?

A: $3 per person or $5 for two people

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Handbook Highlight

Each week, I'll highlight a Student/Parent Handbook policy. What makes it into the WILDCAT ROAR is usually something that I've been dealing with and/or I'm hoping to NOT have to deal with because all of our students and adults are aware of the policy. This week's Handbook Highlight is...

Disruptive/Disrespectful Speech or Conduct

Language or behavior that is disruptive to the orderly educational procedure of school. (i.e. pushing, shoving, flicking, yelling)

1. 60-minute detention

2. 1⁄2 Friday School

3. Friday School

4. 1-3 days Transition

NWEA Time!

We will complete our Fall 2022 NWEA Testing this week.

NWEA tests give us information about student learning three times a year in the areas of Math, Science, Language, and Reading. Each test is divided into subtests that are split out the same way our End of Course exams are. Classroom teachers and I meet to look at group and individual scores to make adjustments to instruction. These tests are always important for us as valuable insight into what's going well in the classroom and what needs to shift. This year, we're leaning even more into the test data. We need EVERY STUDENT to try his or her very best so we have accurate information to start from. This is what we discussed in our First Friday meeting. We have work to do, and this data focuses our efforts.

When the third hour bell rings on Tuesday and Thursday, please report to the following locations, depending on your last name (Lists will be emailed, posted in the HS hallways, & posted in classrooms on MONDAY).

NWEA Assignments

Bayne: 9a

Key: 9b

Shaw: 10a

Sample: 10b

Heilman: 10c

Roberts: 11 (all)

Audsley: 12a

Z. Crews: 12b

Fall 2022 NWEA Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 20

3/4 hours: Math
6/7 hours: Science

Thursday, Sept. 22

3/4 hours: Language

6/7 hours: Reading

We'll ask students in grades 10-12 to set goals for each test (Ninth graders need to establish a baseline before we can set a goal). We're also bringing back our Spring Incentive system (read on!). As you complete your tests, you'll write down your scores and bring them to your NWEA teacher, who will record them.

SCCC Students - you will report to SCCC. When you get back to Slater, report to your assigned room and start on your test. We will pull you for make up testing as needed to complete your tests. That day is TBD.

We will also resume our incentive system - for each test, your NWEA Teachers will determine whether or not you have met three out of the four following criteria:

- Less than 2% Rapid Guessing

- RIT Growth or no loss from previous score *

- Attendance

- No disruptions or outbursts

* Freshmen new to District will not have previous score - those students will need to meet other three areas of criteria.

Students must meet incentive criteria for ALL FOUR TESTS to participate in the (future) Incentive Event. We're still working out the details of this event and are open to student suggestions. Last Spring, we had several Staff v. Students games and eligible students were able to use their phones at school for the day. Email your ideas!

Check out the StuCo Board to see what's going on!

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Worth Singing About!

Congratulations to Jayden Buglovsky, who auditioned for the All District Choir on Saturday and was selected to participate in the Treble Honor Choir!

Way to represent, Lebowski!

Shout Out

What staff member deserves a shout out?

Take a minute to let me know all about it by filling out THIS FORM.

Students, Parents, and Staff can give a shout out to any Slater Schools employee! We'll make sure they receive a copy of it and will look for ways to share them with you throughout the year as well.

Let's get to bragging about all the good people around here!

Old Business

Being a Senior has its Perks

Seniors, you should have access to your personal email addresses while logged in at school and on school machines. This is because you need to use your personal account when applying to jobs, colleges, and/or scholarships since your @slaterschools.net account will be disabled after you graduate.

Hint: If you don't already have a personal email, now's a good time to set one up. Make it something that will age well, like jessicapclements@gmail.com - not iloveharrystyles@aol.com. :)

Time to Represent!

Congratulations to the following Class Officers:

Class of 2026

President: Ben Gochenour

Vice President: RJ Pannell

Secretary: Tytan Wiseman

Representatives: Kendall Guthrie & Libby Smith

Class of 2025

President: Madison Prysock

Vice President: Mya White

Secretary: Baliegh Goff

Representatives: Hannah Meyer & Skylar Wolfe

Class of 2024

President: Kenna Lemmon

Vice President: Kadence Campbell

Secretary: McCartney Butler

Representatives: Mackenzie Palmer & Grayson Zdybel

Class of 2023

President: Kendyl Drummond

Vice President: Wylee Goff

Secretary: Aubry Meyer

Representatives: Deliza Cortez & Maria McCabe

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Parking Spot Painting

If you earned a reserved parking spot for the 22-23 school year, you are able to paint your parking space. However, we're going to hold off on that until some repair and resealing work is complete. That date is TBA.

Painted Parking Spot information and contracts will be coming soon.

Stay tuned!

Previous ROARS

Community Resources Available

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Monday, September 19

7:30 am - Monday Monday in Gym

9:00 am - Admin Meeting

5:00 pm - JH Football @Tipton

Tuesday, September 20

9:30 am - MU Representative

9:54 am - NWEA Math Test (No calculators, use in test tools)
1:14 pm - NWEA Science Test (No calculators, use in test tools)

3:15 pm - CTA Meeting in Jacki Clements's room

5:00 pm - V/JV Softball v. Madison (Gate: T. Falls / Admin: Yung)

Wednesday, September 21

2:30 pm - Jostens Ring Follow Up/Ordering Meeting

Thursday, September 22

9:00 am - Admin Meeting (CSIP)
9:54 am - NWEA Language Test
1:14 pm - NWEA Reading Test

7:00 pm - Homecoming Bonfire (see Flier)

Friday, September 23

1:00 pm - Pep Assembly in Gym (WAIT FOR ALL CALL DISMISSAL)
1:45 pm - Lineup Begins

2:00 pm - Homecoming Parade
2:45 pm (Approximately) - HS Dismissed for day (see Homecoming Q&A)

7:00 pm - Football v. Cole Camp (North East Gate: Klenk, South Gate: Stephen Meyer/Admin: Dr. T, Clements &Yung)
Football Halftime - Coronation

9:30 pm - Homecoming Dance on Patio (Shaw, Perry, Stephen Meyer)

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