The EdOr 3000

By: Cardboard Tech.

What I s The EdOr 3000?

“What is the EdOr 3000?” you might ask.  The EdOr 3000 is your homework solution.  It has two main features, the “Rough Copy-Good Copy” setting and the “Checklist Planner” setting.  The “RCGC” let’s call it, gives you the privilege of getting a good copy of your rough copy without you having to spend all that wasteful time retyping it.  All you have to do is put your rough copy in the bottom slot and your rough copy appears on the screen, typed and edited.  You can even make your own edits too.  Then all that’s left is to save it and print it on the EdOr 3000.  Your good copy will then come out the middle slot.  With the checklist planner setting you just put your rubric/instruction sheet into the top slot.  The EdOr 3000 then scans it and saves it into the checklist planner setting.  When you click on the checklist planner setting the names of all your assignments come up along with the due date.  The checklist planner setting prioritizes your homework based on length, due date and importance.  Also there’s a little box at the end of each assignment name.  You can click on the box to put a little checkmark in it to mark that you’re done the assignment, so it’s like a checklist.  After the due date the EdOr 3000 automatically deletes each assignment from the checklist planner setting.  If you click on the name of each assignment you can review your good copy or your rubric/instruction sheet and reprint it if you lose it.  There’s also a general settings for things like “How to decorate your EdOr 300 and the manual to your EdOr 3000 etc.  The EdOr 3000 has 3 slots in a box like shape with a convenient screen on top with a cover-up flap for security.  Who wouldn’t want this sheek new gadget?  Its organization skills help you keep on track.  With the EdOr 3000 disorganization in your homework is no longer a problem.  Don’t you want one?  

Why Cardboard Tech Made the EdOr 3000

We created the EdOr 3000 for multiple reasons but most of all we made this wonderful gadget because we care about you.  We tailor to the demands of our loyal consumers.  Personally we felt that we knew a lot of children in our daily lives whose life would benefit from this invention.  Disorganization, homework management and time skills were a big problem for all of us when we were growing up.  We understand how you feel. So we made the EdOr 3000 to solve your problems and make your life easier.  We considered your emotions and thoughts so we hope you can accept this idea.  We’re a dedicated team that always sticks together.  We take a step towards education to develop our future.  The EdOr 3000 is our dream becoming a reality, our dream of making the lives of citizens easier, so we hope it’s your dream too.  The EdOr 3000 is the starting line in the race for an amazing world.  When our brilliant staff came up with this idea we thought: “Hey!  Why not?” We knew our hard working engineers could build this for your sake so we came up with this unique product. It was realistic & helpful but not do-everything-for-you helpful but most of all we knew it would make your children’s lives easier.  We know you care about them, why wouldn’t you, they’re a piece of you and the future of our community, making a difference in the world, we have families too.  So at Cardboard Tech we treat you like family.” -Breanna Pinto, Co-President of Cardboard Tech. 

Our Motto:

“We do awesome so you don’t have to.”-Mr.Cardboard, Founder Of Cardboard Tech.  
When you’re 12-18 that’s when it hits you hard.  You’re not a little kid anymore.  You don’t have any more nap times or coloring books & you’re still in school.  You’re not grown up & independent.  You’re going through those awkward puberty years.  Responsibilities pile up as you cram for tests.  Homework piles up as you struggle through chores.  You want more free time & leisure but you’re so backed up you know you’ll never get any.  The more time you need the more time you’ll never get.  You’re not used to this or…. maybe you’re too used to this.  Everybody’s putting pressure on you to do well in school but you barely have enough time gasp for air in your slowly sinking life.  Don’t you remember when you were in school?  How tough it was for you?  BAMN!!  That’s when the EdOr 3000 comes in.  It keeps track of your homework & keeps you on track with its multiple features and modern settings to keep up with this changing world.  4 out of 5 kids through the ages of 12-18 agree the EdOr 3000 could help them in their daily lives.  When you’re 12-18 your life turns upside down but don’t sweat it with the EdOr 3000.