21st Century Skills

Realistic or Based on Flawed Assumptions


Assumption 1: Knowledge and Skills are separate.

Assumption 2: Teachers don’t have cognitive limits.

Assumption 3: Experience is equivalent to practice.

Without innovation, we cannot improve.

Class Dismissed: Even Good Students Don't Always Want to Learn

Philosophically, life is what you make it – and that the real value of an education is unlocking that for yourself. Memorizing the date of some obscure historical event isn’t necessarily going to provide that for your students; but providing a role model and emphasizing critical thinking – rather than teaching to a standardized test will pay the biggest benefits.

Students' Point of View


Have You Been Paying Attention

Where Did I go Wrong?

Now I’m left with a ton of questions. What did I do wrong this year? Have I really failed that thoroughly and completely? How much of it is my fault? Am I devolving as a teacher?

I’ll end this on a slightly positive note. While I basically indicted the entire class, there is a small group of extraordinary students in that same class that make me want to get up and come to school every day. I thank them constantly, but not enough. I wish I could take comfort in their amazing effort, but I can’t.