Hawksbill Turtle


The hawkbill turtle is 2-3 feet (5-1 meters) in length. The turtle also has a brightly colored carapace (shell). Not only the color but it has over lapping scutes (scales). The Hawksbill is one of the smaller/bigger species that weighs 100-200 lbs (45-90kg). It has 4 Pair of costal scutes, and 2 pairs of prefrontal scutes

Threats and Solutions

The Hawksbill turtle faces others harvesting its shell, and often referred to as "tortoise shell." In some countries the shell is still used to make hair ornaments, jewelry, and other decorative items. People are starting to protect its shell, by making selling the Hawksbill turtle shell illegal, which is actually a law till this day. I think that it was a great idea to be illegal to sell the hawksbills shell.