Pamlico Sound

Largest Estuary Around


Located on the Outer banks. It is between the outer bank island and the mainland. it is 15-20 miles long and the depths range from 20-50 Ft deep.
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Importance and threats

This particular estuary is important to the outer banks because it keeps the shores from eroding. The Animals help with that by clamping on to the rocks around the banks. This estuary is a mixer of freshwater in some parts and salt water in other parts. Some threats to this beautiful estuary are people in general who throw trash in the water or even out of there car it could be very harmful to the habitat, also it could flood really bad and then cause massive problems for the mainland or even the outer bank island.

Animals and Plant Life

Most people love to come and see the animals around like: Blue heron, white ibises, snowy egrets, the rare white pelican and the American bold eagle that hangs out on the forest coast of the pamlico sound. Not very much plant life.

Rivers and Streams

it receives water from the Tar-Pamilco and the Neuse- Trent rivers. And it get the ocean water from Ocracoke and Hatteras
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