Walter Dean Myers


Steve is on trial and facing a possible 25 year sentence. Looking for a way to cope with the trial and prison, Steve begins writing a movie based on the events taking place in his life. He begins by showing the events in the courtroom and moves on to the witnesses. The witnesses include one of Steve's teachers, James King (someone on trial), Richard Evans, and a few others including Steve himself. Steve cuts the film to moments of his past in various spots of the book to help the audience know more about him. Steve doesn't include in the movie, him in his cell every night writing in his journal, posing the question is he really a monster? The trial comes to a close with the verdict being Steve is innocent. But post trial events make Steve question is he a monster?

A New Beginning

This is about a boy given a second chance at life...What would you do for a second chance?

Coming of Age

In this book Steve is reaching his coming of age. The big question he poses is "is he the monster?" The reader would think Steve "come's of age" is when the verdict is given, but the big event that changes it is when he turns to hug his attorney. She turns away to avoid the hug and Steve wonder's if he's been the monster. Steve has not quite come of age yet. . Steve sees himself through the eyes of others around him and it unsettles him. One of the first steps to his coming of age is when he realizes what he is, but he must settle things with himself to fully come of age.
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“There was a baseball game on but it didn't look real. It was guys in uniforms playing games on a deep green field. They were playing baseball as if baseball was important and as if all the world wasn't in jail, watching them from a completely different world.” -Monster

A Call to Read

This book shows how Steve deals with a major change in his life in such a short time. He looks deep into himself to find his flaws and sees who he is out of someone else's eyes. In this society we often find ourselves thinking that we are the best and we are the most important. Like the quote above suggests, we don't realize the lives of those we cant see. At first Steve thinks of himself as a scared boy who doesn't deserve to go to prison. Then Steve realizes who he really is and how others look at him. He doesn't like who he is and wants to do something to change it to make his world better. This is a lesson we can all learn from where we might least expect it.

Take the first Step

Be the first of your friends to read this intriguing book. Take the first step in making society better by taking these lessons and morals from the book to heart.

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